Fashion Forward…or Maybe Not Yet: Who Are YOU in the Fashion World?

Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” -Coco Chanel

**My mind thinkstoo many choices; my heart says: not enough!!**

Denim Jeans. Boot cut or skinny?

Bags. Clutch or Kelly bag? 

Wallets. Small or large? 

Necklaces. Double loop or simple?

Earrings. Studs or tear drop? 

Tops. Colorful or basic pattern?

Hello there! I want to thank you first for choosing to read my first entry of my blog: Lady Jeanius!

Let’s begin with a short introduction: I’m Alison E.& my age is 26-yrs-old. And I am a fashion consultant at my job, which is called dressbarn.

Click the link below to see what we have for the in-between of Winter and up & coming of Spring!

Just to let my future readers know, I talk. A lot. I do. I mean I could go on forever. This is, technically, my second attempt to do a fashion blog, but this is a new year, so there are new thoughts. So what I’ll be doing is giving you updates on my life, my love on life, and on fashion. Not just one subject but ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that I can come up with. I like to keep up on trends, fades, maybe taboos, whatever fascinates me, honestly. Spring 2014 is around the corner, so I will be doing a few (hopefully) on this season.

But…we ARE talking about fashion, right? I do work at a clothing retail store; for women. I’ve been there almost 8 years. I love connecting with people and talking about clothes and how it makes them feel and vice versa for me!

And believe me, I’ve helped, I want to say…thousands of ladies (and men when they are shopping for their significant others…or not) from almost ALL sizes. In this case: for what we carry at my job, 4-16 (for majority of heights) for Misses & Petites; 14W-24W for Women (short and average). BUT at any rate…let us continue. I am known to sidetrack (Sorry!).

But really

….what are we going to learn about in this entry?

Well, you will need to know a little bit of me. The best way to describe myself, my body (yikes!), for what it is popularly known for (clothing structure wise):

  • Plus-size
  • Short/Petite
  • Chesty (more than a D)
  • Hippy

So what does that say about me?

Well I could be an apple, but I don’t just carry weight in my belly area; I could be a pear shape, but my hips aren’t the widest either. I am more than one shape. I’m short, but NOT really petite (women who are typically under 5’3). I also have a short waist, but have long legs for my height. In the end, we’re all from the same fruit basket.

However, the female population, in general, we are INDIVIDUALLY different for many reasons. Not just one body type or, body for that matter, is rather the same.

We’re original. We’re one-of-a-kind.

Just like our personalities match what we wear a lot of the times: Eclectic. Random. Out there. Colorful, even.

There are so many types of fashion out there! Preppy, glam, statement (which is what I like to show off when dressed to work, with friends, “statement” jewelry), vintage, classy, etc. I mean, what would I categorize myself in? I really don’t know, but I’m not just one thing.

But depending on who you are and what your personality is like (plus if you are a little more “out there“) then you could be within the many types of alternative fashion, such as:

  1. Boho chic: various bohemian and hippie influences.
  2. Gothic: marked conspicuously dark, exotic and complex features; dark, also sometimes morbid state of fashion.
  3. Rockabilly: subculture of the early 1950s; merging two types of music – rock and roll & country. Great example: Bettie Page.
  4. Neo-Victorianism/Steampunk: emphasizes balance between form and function; uniting of Victorian aesthetic principles with modern sensibilities and technologies.  

…just to name some.

But what we do have are assumptions of ourselves (foolish, maybe) but here are a couple of things to think about:

  1. You want your style to reflect your personality, and you want to look your best each and everyday, but you don’t know how to do it.
  2. You know what you love about your body and what you dislike about it and you want to find out how to accentuate your best parts and camouflage the ones you would rather downplay.

Also, DO remember this though:

ALTHOUGH fashion may seem like a one-way street, with all the clothes streaming out of Seventh Avenue and into the malls and boutiques nearest, the truth is far different. Quite a number of people actually set the trends:

  • designers
  • buyers
  • fashion houses
  • the fashion media
  • believe or not, YOU!

You have a much greater influence on what design actually end up in the stores than you may think. 

But this makes you think, HOW do I influence people to do things? I’m just me, right?

A few years ago, I want to say about somewhere in the spring of 2010, one of my girl-friends told me that I’m the “fashionable” one of the group of ladies. I’m like…really? REALLY?

But,…I never thought myself that way. I asked her what made her think of that all of a sudden?

Side-note: (If you saw my high school photos you’d know it!). I didn’t wear high-end brands like J. Crew, Banana Republic, Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch. Maybe Aeropostale, IF it fit over my big chest or around my hips. I really didn’t have a sense of what I wanted. My mom and grandma had the idea(s) of what I should (or what they could afford) for me to wear. For a good example, I chose Old Navy denim jeans because I knew that since I’ve went through good ol’ puberty, my hips weren’t the same. And they went to a size I could get into without it being a JUNIOR size.

Well, back to what my friend had to say. Please, really don’t quote me on this if my friends read this blog, it has been a few years, but from what I DO remember the most was that she said to me was:

“You seem to accessorize SO well; your outfits are coordinated so nicely, and you always seem to be put together. I wish I could do what you do, but I’d feel it would take longer than what I’m use to in the mornings”.

You know when you hear a person talk as nice as that, and you can take it as a compliment (which I did) and then once you hear something like that, you hear it more often? First with people you already know (family & friends, maybe colleagues) and then it comes down to strangers (that become customers at my store, at least most of the time for me) just stop and tell me dead on what they think about my outfit or ask “Where did you get that?”.

I do on more than one occasion now, if I like an item that someone IS wearing that intrigues me, I will tell them IMMEDIATELY. And now with these past interactions, I know where to get anything (at least an idea to tell/let people know as well) from tops to accessories for certain types of occasions because of the people I MEET. I get excited knowing that I may have influenced another person to get something that might work for them. Maybe not the same size, color, or material of said example would be, but they’ll go and try something NEW!

And that is where I am getting at, life is ABOUT experiences. I meet new people at my job all year round, and  I sometimes pass on more information, if it’s worth it of course. But you don’t know until you try a new color, style, even size! Most clothes nowadays aren’t made like they’re used too! I go anywhere between a misses XL to a Women’s 2X in just tops alone!

I mean, seriously! Read magazines, books, any time you get a chance to read! Waiting room at the dentist, a library, the computer. We have so many resources now for getting information, it’s crazy NOT to know where to start!

So, I hope to get feedback from you ladies, maybe even fellas who want to chime in on this. It will great to start the new year with something different, blogging!

Adios, with love,


“Lady Jeanius”

**DISCLAIMER: if anyone does anything disrespectful, of course, if all else fails, comments WILL be deleted.**


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