SPRING 2014: Alison’s Personal Favs On This Season’s Trends

Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”
Ralph Lauren

Hey there all!

Long time since I’ve had anything going on here! But I have been thinking, a lot lately, almost to the point of writer’s block, in some sort of fashion (haha). This is NOT going to be a very long, actually a short entry.

I’ve been brain-storming and finally, like lightning, it hit me! What can I do next?

I’m putting myself out there; my closet to be seen, compared to the runaway/magazine versions of course. I’ll have my own outfits in pictures AGAINST of those in the modeling world. On me or on hangers, whatever fits my fancy.


I’ll also be adding on what I’ve gotten for spring and have worn (even when the weather agreed with us or not). Something this week, I’ll have some here and there personal time for myself to get it done before my birthday (May 5th). 😉

So, I figured to inform you all on what I have plans for, more like another series; seasonal trends that I personally love and have done myself (successfully).

Thanks again,

with much love for you AND fashion!

~Lady J ❤



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