Bursting With Color: Summer 2014. What Is to Come?

Summer is OFFICIALLY here! I feel more like myself in these seasonal tones. I get to be bold, but soft in ways; energetic but  yet calm. But in all seriousness, we actually wear these primary, secondary, etc., colors (you know, in school where you learned ROYGBIV?).

But anyways

I have come up with some outfits that I have either worn or will wear for future wear, and kind of “bonded” over some of these suggested tones from Pantone.

Here I will put what I have come up with, to kind of show you where you can get just a little inspiration from your own closet, or  just from walking around and using your own vision.

**But just remember, these are only suggestions, for at your own usage and these just guide me as well. I do not take credit from Pantone.**


Here are my own “visions” of warm tones:




My own “visions” of cool tones:






My own “visions” of neutral tones:




My own “visions” of soft tones:


I tell ya, sometimes it can make you think more than other times, to get an outfit together. But when I actually give the right amount of time for myself and play with my wardrobe, I do better and get many ideas to go on. I get numerous compliments from all sorts of people when I do this. I guarantee it!

I really hope that this has helped the few or many of you who do read this informational and inspirational blog on fashion and the like.


Well, thanks so much, AGAIN, for reading on about what I love to talk about with you lovely folks, and how it impacts us, even when you don’t take much intention in something you might wear. We are walking billboards ya know!


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